5 Rules to live by to survive the office Christmas party

5 Rules to live by to survive the office Christmas party

With the Christmas Season looming and Christmas cheer spreading, we can all get caught up in the excitement. Christmas only comes once a year and it’s accompanied by its friend…the dreaded Christmas Party! 

We’ve all been there, done that and if you want to survive and keep your job intact you will need to follow these 5 simple steps and create a Christmas miracle by returning to the office in the New Year.

1. Avoid Shots 

It’s the Xmas party so it’s silly to suggest you shouldn’t drink…but please for the Love of God avoid the shots! Alcohol can make us do some crazy things, but that’s exactly what they are…crazy things! Don’t drink kids, well just don’t drink too much.


2. Don’t fall in drunk office love – That awkward moment when they don’t know who you are…

When declaring your love for someone there is an extremely high chance that you’ll get the response ‘do I know you’. Not to mention you’ll have the awkward next day encounter, and of course the gossip and laughter at your expense. This is just a rule in life. Live by it. 


3. Avoid sharing every last inch of your past 

These are your work colleague, not your life long besties! Don’t share your drunken stories you’ve spent all year hiding. Don’t get us wrong we all love a good drunken story but everyone will remember and probably hold it against you. Also, there are certain things we just don’t need to hear. 

4. Don’t push The Christmas Party Secret Santa too far 

It may seem funny at the time but truth be told it’s probably not. Don’t get inappropriate presents. Just don’t. I’m sure we can all make up our own minds as to what constitutes an inappropriate gift, but just in case you’re not sure, here are a few examples:

– The painful truth is that anything you find funny probably isn’t 

– Anything of a sexual nature for your friends…go for it. For work colleagues, not so much. 

5. No dirty dance moves!

This is 20% for your benefit and 80% for ours! You don’t need to do it and we don’t need to see it. Enough said on that one. 

There you have it. 5 simple easy steps which will prevent you from making an absolute fool of yourself and if you can’t follow these then I’d say maybe have a fresh start in the New Year including a new job.