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8 Issues Of A Night Out…

Don’t get us wrong, we all love a good night out and the wicked hangover the next morning is always a sign that you did well kid. However, there are always minor issues which occur on a night out that make you wish you’d sat this one out and had a Netflix and chill with your dog.

The Confrontation

There’s always that one cocky douche who gives it the biggen’ to the bouncer in order to get into the club. Mate pipe down, all he did was ask for your I.D.

Drunk AF

You know. They know. You’re all pissed and your night out may be ending sooner than you expected. It’s now mission impossible with a high chance of failing but you have to somehow give an award winning performance in acting sober, or at least enough to get past the gatekeeper. Stand up straight, pace yourself and try not to look like Bambi on ice and whatever you do, just keep your mouth shut….who knows what will come out.


The Rejection Of The Barman

We’re all thinking it, he could have at least got to know you before he rejected you.

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The Sophie’s Choice of Tipping The Toilet Attendant

You feel a pair of eyes on the back of your head and out of nowhere the toilet attendant is handing you a tissue. You take your time as you try and figure out whether or not to tip them. Eventually, you decide against it and now you can’t go back there. Good luck, you’ve already broken the seal.

Lack Of Air? Rule Number 1 Of Survival On A Night Out!

When you get to that stage on a night out and you’re not even sure how to use your motor skills and are just generally fed up and barge everyone out of the way. It’s not being rude, it’s just rule number 1 of survival in a crowded club, obviously.

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Whatever Happened To The Waltz

Maybe you’ve witnessed this, maybe you haven’t, but it reaches a time in the night when I feel as though certain individuals who are out on the pull fear they’ll be going home alone. As a solution to this, they grab the closest person to them and start performing some rather provocative moves, in particular, grinding. Well if you can’t beat ‘em…

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Clean Up On Aisle Cleavage

Without fail, this always happens to me on a night out! Someone spills their drink or worse your drink all over you and you have to use every fibre of your being and resist the urge to punch them square in the face. Simply give them a dirty look which is a silent f*ck you and walk away.

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When The Lights Come Up

Enough said.

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And there you have it, 8 issues which will always occur on a night out and IF they don’t, then it clearly wasn’t a good night.