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10 Ways To Make A Speedy Exit After A One Night Stand

One night stands. We’ve all done them, we’ve all regretted them and we’ve all had to face that awkward moment when making an exit the next morning seems harder than climbing Mount Everest in your underwear. The problem is most [ Read more → ]

Orgasm Face Beautiful Agony Sex

A Website Is Offering To Pay To Film Peoples Sex Faces

Ever heard of Beautiful Agony? It’s the website said to have come to change the face of internet porn. It uploads videos of everyday people who are bold (or crazy) enough to film their faces while climaxing and then put [ Read more → ]

Mean Girls Called A Slut Slutty Funny Gif

Why Men Think You’re Easy

One of a girl’s biggest fears is coming across as being “easy” to a guy she actually likes. That’s when the girlfriends come in with advice. Tons of it. Most of the time contradicting each other along the way. By [ Read more → ]

Bearded Lady Ditches Razors Grows Beard

Harnaam Kaur Dubbed The Bearded Lady Says No To Razors

While most women have a full scale meltdown if their beautician can’t squeeze them in for their weekly eyebrow appointment, a 23-year-old teaching assistant from Berkshire has found true beauty by growing a beard. Harnaam Kaur, now known the world [ Read more → ]


How To Please A Woman in 7 Simple Steps

Pleasing your woman can be hard. It takes a lot of effort and a huge amount of patience to get there. But what kind of man wouldn’t be up for such a challenge? Of course, as successful as you might [ Read more → ]