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Why Broke Men Have Better Luck With Hot Women

In theory, dating a rich guy is every woman’s dream. Holidays, shoes and dinners all paid for faster than you can say “AmEx Black Card”.

The only problem is that rich guys, can be kind of (for want of a better word) douche-y. You see the real reason that rich people tend to date within their own circles, isn’t a matter of snobbery as we have all been led to believe. The truth is, that the only people who can tolerate rich people for a substantial period of time… are other rich people.

Scott Disick Power Peasants Snob

Not sure what I mean? Lets Break This Down.

On A Date:

Rich Guys Be Like

Leonardo DiCaprio The Great Gatsby Rich

Broke Guys Be Like
Noah Notebook Romantic Poor Broke Sweet date GIF

Rich men have money, so broke men have had to develop game. Don’t get me wrong, every girl loves a bit of gliz and glamour. But what we love more, is a bit of romance and money can’t buy that.

When Talking About Other Girls

Rich Guys Be Like

Money throwing Rich fire gif

Broke Guys Be LikeNick Miller Tough Spot Awkward Ex Girlfriend New Girl GIF

Men with money love talking about ex’s. Usually because they have so damn many of them. What can I say, shallow or not, it’s not hard to attract bees when you’re covered in honey, right?

So guys with money want to remind you that if you’re not around, there will always be some other chick to shower Michael Kors and Cartier on.

When They Buy You A Present:

Rich Guys Be Like

My Bitch Forever Rich Guys Be Like GIF

Broke Guys Be Like
Will Ferrell brought you Flowers Flours

Anyone with money can buy a flashy present, however guys without money tend to have to be quirky and creative (not so much because of their amazing personalities, but because they’ve had to improve their game to have some leverage over richer suitors).

They can’t afford to buy you a new car, however they’ve caught on pretty fast in the game of love, something meaningful beats something money brought, any day of the week.

(Unless like me, you happen to think cars are incredibly romantic, ahem).

If You Ask Who Is The Catch In Your Relationship:

Rich Guys Be Like

Man six pack bow present gift red hot gif

Broke Guys Be Like
Channing Tatum Hello Beautiful Look Today Gif

In the mind of men with money the dating scale works a bit like this:

His looks: 3/10
Your looks: 8/10
His looks + his money: 10/10

Therefore, he is better looking than you. And even if you don’t agree he could blind you with a diamond so bright that his looks will be irrelevant anyway.

When Talking About Money:

Rich Guys Be Like
Robert Downey Jr Money Rich Donuts

Broke Guys Be Like
Ron Money Poor Broke GIF

People with money, love talking about money. If your guy has dough, he wants you to know about it. You and everyone else too.

A man with a wallet full of fifties spends his life moaning about Gold Diggers but it never occurs to him that that’s all he’ll attract by flashing the cash. The rest of us like a humble man.

Of course a humble man with money would be the ultimate dream, but I haven’t met one yet.

When Flirting:

Rich Guys Be Like
Kind of important will ferrell

Broke Guys Be Like
Cyber flirting computer social media nick miller gif

Men with cash have two topics of conversation: themselves and their money. But broke guys have been forced to develop personalities since they can’t seduce a girl with their Ferrari they have to use their wit instead.

And boys, what can I say… us girls kind of like that.