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Bumping into your ex and relying on your wingman

Bumping into your ex

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You have not been out in ages, all of your mates are getting ready for a big night out, You don’t expect anyone from your past to be at this event, in your head it doesn’t even cross your mind. Then you enter the venue the music is great, you are about to get into clubbing mode then all of sudden, your ex is by the bar talking to someone obviously a new person they are seeing or someone they probably met tonight. All them silly emotions start entering your head like why tonight, and the first thing you do is think of something horrible about the person they are with to make you feel better about yourself. Well we all do it if we were in the same situation. Well you have 2 methods you can either ignore them and try to your distance, because the relationship ended badly or might as well get spotted and pretend you didn’t see them and act like you have moved on and things are going well.

The strengths of a Wing Man – how to beat a cock blocker

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Situation is tricky, your mate likes this girl and he needs you to back him up. So you have become the certified wing man, well not an ordinary wingman you need to
1.Try to find her friend attractive
2.Act like you are interested
3. Take one for the team plus she is serial cock blocker.
Cock blockers are vicious creatures they believe all the attention should be about them, so when approaching play it safely, as you are not only looking out for yourself but to build a flavour back from your mate. So to help a friend, you need to play the perfect distract card . All the ground work knowledge and socializing skills is set up creating enough time with the cock blocker allowing your mate to make his move. Asking her watch she does and how she ended up here is a bit silly, you need them long and unnecessary questions to keep them interested in you. They are not used to getting attention so a little bit of affectionate comments here and there will be enough.

Wearing the Same outfit

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Well for guys this situation is not a really a big deal, but for women ummm it causes a bit of a problem , The amount of time some women spend to getting ready, is unbelievable . You could make dinner, walk the dog and watch a football match, and she still may not be readyin time. All this effort and end up in the a club with the same outfit as someone else, yes that would piss anyone off. You can’t relay blame the other person, it is in a way your fault. Shopping in high street stores and looking for something nice but cheap. But imagine buying an expensive dress and the person has the same one but looks awful init. Well no point being negative about it, you are not going to get changed or confront the person so best to keep 3 – 5 metres distance and try to enjoy the rest of the night.