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cafe Kaizen bar club london nightclub

Cafe Kaizen

cafe Kaizen bar club london nightclub

Café KAIZEN is a unique unMayfair space filled with art, culture & colour, with hints of an indoor garden that constantly “changes for the better” – from mid afternoon through to late at night: 4pm to 4am.

We smoothly evolve from a café, juice bar, casual work-space & market place: featuring a hand picked collection of 15 of micro-boutiques…
..Into a beautiful lounge, cocktail bar & with our hand prepared DimSum & Deserts, late into the night…plus in the early hours of the each morning, we evolve again, welcoming our DJs & catering to the capitals’ creatives.

Café KAIZEN is a fusion of Chinese & Japanese, referring to all their cultural cross overs, known as “Sino-Japanese”. As KAIZEN refers to any improvement, one-time or continuous, large or small, so simply means “good” “change”, Café KAIZEN is set to evolve constantly as the weeks go by, changing our furniture, art and mood to compliment each fashion and season that comes upon us.

Our award winning designers have created a wonder room of curiosities and creativity, behind that, just peeking thru occasionally, is our raw urban industrial interior pays homage the New York lofts and Lower Manhattan social/work spaces & their infamous cocktail bars. Infact it was the Americans that introduced the concept of KAIZEN, after WWII, to help restore Japan, for which they were awarded the 2nd Order Medal of the Sacred Treasure by the Emperor.

Open from 3pm to 3am, there’s an indoor marketplace for bright young designers, a cafe & juice bar, cocktail lounge, and a night club. It’s the new venture by Jin Nilsson – former marketing director at Whisky Mist. Food-wise there’ll be a short menu of dim sum, sashimi and gluten-free cakes, macarons and dessert shots. Bao buns, dumplings, rolls and gyoza will be £4 and there’ll be salmon, tuna, yellow fin tuna and sea bass sashimi at £5.

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