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cameron diaz idgaf don't give a fuck

It’s A Facebook Status Not A Diary, Learn The Difference

Lets be very honest here – for most of us at this point, Facebook is simply a virtual birthday/event reminder, photo album and occasional “oh look she’s pregnant again” notifier. What it most certainly is not is your personal diary. [ Read more → ]

werewolf nightclub in London 215-217 Piccadilly, Piccadilly Circus, London, W1J 9HN

Werewolf Nightclub London

For Guestlist and Tables Contact: Event Manager Julian Email: Tel: 020-7734-9116 Mob / Whatsapp: 07951246768 Follow us on Twitter @xclusivetouch More than just a nightclub, Werewolf is an all-encompassing entertainment complex located in the heart of central London. The venue [ Read more → ]

michael jordan success happiness

Being Happy Is One Thing But Being Successful Is Another

We all have a rough idea what happiness is. And we definitely know what success is. The real question is, if you have success, is happiness guaranteed to follow? What Is Happiness? Happiness is described as a ‘mental state of [ Read more → ]

ministry of sound clubbing in london

Ministry of Sound

Now pushing into its 22th year, Ministry of Sound has remained at the forefront of the world clubbing scene, representing the world’s biggest DJs in Trance, EDM, House and Techno and everything in between. Originally conceived with influences from New [ Read more → ]

pacha nightclub in london

Pacha Review

Pacha London is a UK outpost of the famed Ibiza clubbing brand. Opened in 2001, the club has operated very much in the vein of its sister venues across the globe, with an emphasis on décor, VIP areas and a [ Read more → ]

fabric london club guestlist venue drum and bass

Fabric Review

fabric is one of London’s premier venues, hosting weekly line-ups of the foremost names in electronic music. The club is known for its purpose built, three room layout and world-class soundsystems. Fabriclive on Fridays is normally drum & bass, dubstep [ Read more → ]

ghetto translations 2 chainz

Ghetto Translations: This Is How Stupid You Actually Sound

As far as I’m concerned ‘hood’ is something you wear when it rains and ‘street’ is something you live on. Your slanguage does not impress me, though I’ll be honest with you, that’s mostly because I can’t understand it. Let [ Read more → ]

You Will Only Ever Do These 14 Things When Drunk

There are just some things in life that you need to be drunk for. These are usually the things we all wish we could do sober, but aren’t brave or stupid enough to actually follow through. So to help you [ Read more → ]