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She Changes Her Profile Picture More Than She Sees You: The 10 Signs She Loves Taking Selfies More Than She Loves You

Everyone has that one friend who has to take a selfie every 5 minutes. You kind of take them with a pinch of salt and occasionally like the odd photo to appease their obvious obsession with ‘likes’.

But what happens when that social media narcissist is your other half? And more importantly, how long can you ignore the signs that she seems to love her camera phone more than she loves you?

In case there was any doubt, here are the signs that your girlfriend is the ultimate selfie wh**e:

1. She’s Constantly Snap-chatting All Her Contacts Close-Ups Of Her Face
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Her Snap Chat is busier than the Victoria Line during rush hour. Who she is sending these pictures to, is anyone’s guess, because her Snap Chat favorites seem to be changing on a daily basis.

2. She Deletes All Selfies That Don’t Get At Least 30 Likes
Paris Hilton I like Attention Blonde Vain Gif

Every photo upload is timed perfectly to allow for maximum likes. Forget having a conversation with her on Sunday, that’s Instagram prime time and her time is carefully split between uploading photos and then checking they’ve got an appropriate amount of likes to stay up.

3. She Changes Her Profile Picture More Than She Sees You
Selfie obsessed girls gif photos camera phone makeup brunette gif

You can’t go onto Facebook without her face coming up in your news feed. Another profile picture it is then.

4. Her Timelines Is Full Of Pictures Of Herself, But Not One Of You.Selfish girlfriend love herself angry boyfriend gif

It’s not that she doesn’t want everyone to know about you. It’s just that, uploading a picture with her boyfriend is going to half the number of likes she gets. Try not to take it personally, she loves you, but she loves her image more.

5. You’re Talking To Her & She’s Checking To See If Her New Upload Got Enough Likes.
looking at phone gif blonde social media likes obsessed

Every conversation consists of 3 or 4 “huhs” or “sorry what?” or “say that again”. This is partly your fault too you know, can’t you see she’s busy?

6. You’re Not Sure If You’re Her Boyfriend Or Her Photographer
girlfriend selfie obsessed photographer close up instagram kim kardashian gif

You find her constantly asking “oh babe can you take a picture?” Don’t bother saying no, she’ll resort to using the front camera if she has to.

7. She Knows Without A Second Thought Which Is Her Best Angle.
Selfie Obsessed Instagram Pictures Best Angle Gif Blonde Hot

The seriousness with which she takes selfies, would have anyone thinking she was a professional model.

8. She Insists On Taking A Pic Of You, But Only So She Can Then Say: “Okay Take One Of Me Now”
instagram moment photo obsessed gif pictures selfies addict

She tries to get  you involved so you don’t get annoyed with her selfie habit, but let’s be honest, you don’t need 37 pictures of yourself.

9. Anywhere & Everywhere Is A Photo Op For Her.
Kim Kardashian Selfie Obsessed Gif

There is no such things as a “bad time” to take a photo. Because if she’s looking cute, the whole world needs to know. Every outfit is wasted in her eyes, unless everyone sees it.

10. She Gets More Excited When You ‘Like’ Her Photo Than When You Take Her Out
Excited blonde bouncing jumping happy facebook likes gif

She’s always thanking you for being a sweetheart and liking her latest pic. Which is funny because she didn’t remember to thank you last night when you took her out for dinner. And for someone who likes pictures so much, she didn’t take a single one when she was out with you.

Well, I guess the 14 kitchen selfies of her in her outfit before you picked her up were enough.

The solution? Stop agreeing to take photos of her. Get rid of your car charger so she can’t top up her battery when you’re out together. Show her this blog and if she still doesn’t take the hint, throw her phone out the window.

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