Ridiculous Issues From A Girls Night Out

Confessions Of A Girls Night Out…The Issues We Just Can’t Avoid

It’s a repetitive cycle and for some a weekly occurrence. Any intoxicated female (including myself) will tell you from personal experience that we go through a number of different emotions, thought processes and situations all in the space of a single night. We at xclusivetouch are not just about producing epic events but we like to educate our party-goers and hopefully advise on what to expect on a night out, so here you go…

Getting Ready Is A Delicate Process For A Big Night Out

For a girl, getting ready is a mission in itself and can easily put you off going out altogether. But nothing comes even close to when it’s time to approach the dreaded eyebrows and winged eyeliner. The saying ‘they’re not twins, they’re sisters’ doesn’t even apply. They’re more like third cousins!

There Is Always One Girl Who Is Running Late And Will Meet You There

When a girl says she’s running 5 minutes late, that is a blatant lie and 5 minutes actually means 47! I wouldn’t even bother trying to stall the cab, half your party is already drunk and you’re wasting valuable partying time and you can meet her there. 

Bathroom Girl Gangs – Can Go One Of Two Ways

You’ve had a few too many drinks and you’re feeling overly sassy. When bumping into another girl gang in the toilets, this can go one of two ways…’Oh my god, I love you dress, where did you get it?’ or the exchange of dirty looks. 


Toilet Break – How Many Can You Cram Into A Cubicle

Females travel in packs. Fact. So when it comes time for a toilet break, not only do they have to go together but somehow start a Rubik’s cube puzzle trying to fit as many into one cubicle as possible and then alternate for loo access. 

The Bathroom Selfie

No night is complete without a toilet selfie, accompanied by the typical caption ‘standard toilet selfie’ or ‘obligatory toilet selfie’ when in actual fact there is absolutely no law that says this is an obligation on a night out. The last thing we want to see on Instagram is a skidmark toilet as your backdrop.


Reapplying Make-up At This Stage Proves Difficult

On your way out you’ll catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and genuinely question if your friends are really your friends if they let you out in public with panda eyes and smeared lipstick up your cheek. Good luck trying to reapply with your beer goggles on. 


Someone Will Cry And Drunk Dial Their Ex

The alcohol takes over, emotions run high and there is ALWAYS that one girl who ended up crying in the corner at the end of a night out over a failed relationship. This then, of course, leads to a drunk text which even she won’t understand the next morning. 

Wardrobe Malfunctions

On a night out, this is unavoidable and the odd nip slip WILL occur and definitely a flashing of the knickers.

Binge Eating

In our opinion, a night out and binge eating go hand in hand. At the end of the night, you just have to eat that greasy kebab, chips AND chicken burger or just anything you can get your hands on. 


And there you have it, 9 issues every London girl can relate to on a night out and ladies, if you can’t admit to at least 1 of these, then you’re in serious denial.