Dopple Mood Influencer

Dopple Mood Influencer

Doppel will help you change your mood! Literally…

Doppel launched its Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign, just today, making this watch the most interesting new innovation of the year. The wristwatch has the power to change your mood through physical vibrations. Not yet a product, the company is hoping to get the attention and funding so that Doppel is set to hit the markets in the next few months.

You can download an app and enter your heart rate, this information is then sent to Doppel and you feel a pulse on your wrist. The accompanying app controls everything after the initial set-up so it is very easy to use. Pressing the dial will increase the rhythm and turning the dial

The watch uses a similar haptic feedback system (like Apple). Users of the watch are able to influence how they feel (using a tactile rhythm) as the watch taps their wrist at a pace of your choice.

Doppel is a new breed of psychophysiology wearable product that can increase or slow down your heartbeat rate, just like music. The empathic watch hopes to help you and work with your body, so that you don’t feel like it is technology. Testing revealed that the performance-enhancing technological wear helps in situations such as: winding down, be focused and stay steady.

An interesting wear, pre-order limited model for £80 until the 16th of June, the stainless steel model is £95.

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