Festivals - How does Social Media Help?

Festivals – How Does Social Media Help?

More and more festivals around UK and Europe are using social media as a tool to promote, advertise, and educate audiences. Music events in the UK are worth 1.4b and festivals alone bring in 1.1b a year.

Before the festivals start, most festivals try to offer free tickets or promotions through social media platforms. During the festivals social media such as Instagram are hot as festival-goers and celebrities tend to post live updates from the festival. Social media platforms are literally buzzing during festivals as this is live and real-time update and most importantly…we want to know as soon as it happens!

Social media platforms allow for festival-goers to make their experiences and feelings more shareable and creates memories that will last a lifetime. This is one of the biggest reasons why Music Festivals are taking advantage of social media.

They are an easy and the least expensive way to promote and advertise your event as well as engage and entice your audiences at a personal and intimate level. Festivals are known to give an experience which is great and works with social media platforms as they capture the experience so that after the festivals, audiences can reflect and share the memories.

Coachella being at the top of the list, many music festivals nowadays are using social media to engage and attract festival-goers to attend their festivals and to generate hype.






They are one of the most regular users of social media in order to attract more attention to their festival. Creating projects and initiatives such as the energy park and Water Bar to promote worthy causes via social media platforms.

One of the first music festivals to get celebrities to Hash tag their experience throughout the festival, millions of users are connected to the festival through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. With a star studded line-up of Kardashians, Gigi Hadid, Brooklyn Beckham and many more, Coachella insta is a fashion look book of the hottest celebs and what they wear is featured on the likes of Vogue.


Has it’s own app that you can download, offering services such as ‘tag location’, interactive maps and tagging on social media websites. Glastonbury always has an official event page on Facebook and uses this as a strategy to draw attention on artists that are headlining and occasionally using images and videos from YouTube.

What is interesting about social media use for Glastonbury is that they don’t really disclose much on social media. Most of their posts are about line-ups and barely get attention from celebs (unlike Coachella) hash tagging. However, their use of social media compared to other festivals is minimal, they like the event to do the talking.


Using Twitter to their advantage, Bestival uses social media to engage with their festival-goers by giving them information on who were the most popular acts being tweeted about before, during and after the festival.

Tomorrow Land

Music festival reaches 1.5 billion people (worldwide) through social media, with 3.4 million posts! Starting off as an Electronic Music Festival in Belgium since 2005, Tomorrow Land has quickly become a festival you do not want to miss. Thanks to social media, Tomorrow Land has rapidly expanded their audiences from Europe to worldwide in just a few years!