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Girl Goes Down On 24 Guys In A Row On Holiday ALL For A Free Drink

Usually being drunk on holiday results in you taking things to the extremes…

A week away with the girls in Magaluf will probably quench your thirst for alcohol for a few weeks and have you going on your first real detox in years and chances are that after a lads holiday in Marbella you won’t want to hear the word minimum followed by spend for at least another 2 paydays.

Most people tend to leave it there, however there’s always the odd person that takes things too far; waking up with a traffic sign in your hotel room, cutting a few awkward shapes, perhaps even waking up with someone you instantly regret sleeping with the moment you lay eyes on them in the morning.

In this case, there was apparently no time time for sleep and the subsequent “shit did I really go home with him/her” feeling in the morning. Instead rather like in the case of Dominic Celaire who was caught going down on a girl in a public stairwell after a NYE party the best course of action was simply to get down to it, there and then (I wonder what Dominic is doing with himself now).

According to social media the girl in question unlike Dominic Celaire wasn’t motivated by a hunger for love but rather more shockingly a drinking game with the prize on offer being “A FREE DRINK”

girl goes down on 24 guys magaluf holiday

Here’s a link to the video, just make sure you’re not around your parents, young family or at work should you click on it: Watch here