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Great Meal, Amazing Date Then The Bill Comes: How To Avoid Looking Like A Mug

Every girl loves the excitement of a first date. Cocktails and flirting followed by 30 minutes of making out in the car at the top of your road before he drops you off home. Sure, who wouldn’t like a bit of that?

But somewhere in between the cosmos and the front seat passion comes what is known as the most awkward dating situation known to mankind. When it comes to first date etiquette… is it really the man’s job to pay? And how exactly do you avoid the awkward moment when the bill comes?

In my humble opinion: date number one, he pays. Date number two, he pays. Date number three, he pays. After that, pick the restaurant wisely, because you’re picking this bill up.

But because it’s never quite as simple as that in real life, here are some first date paying tips, to avoid looking like a complete and utter mug:

If He Rolls Up To Your First Date In A Ferrari, Leave Your Purse At Home.
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If he comes to pick you up in a car that costs the same as a small house, he’s definitely out to impress. Whether he’s rich or not is besides the point (the car could be his dads for all you know) he wants you to think he’s doing well for himself and chances are, that involves picking up the bill.

See men (especially rich men) love complaining about Gold Diggers, but it never occurs to them that flashing their wealth in a woman’s face isn’t the best idea if they’re trying to avoid freeloaders. Because to us, that’s like saying “if we get married, you’re getting Louboutin’s every birthday till the day you die”. And sadly, that kind of excites us (sorry).

If We’re Assuming He’s Going To Pay… Don’t Order The Most Expensive Thing On The Menu
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Even if he is talking like he’s the proud father of three golden egg laying chickens, remember that men exaggerate, so go easy on the lobster and champagne ordering. If you wouldn’t pay for it yourself, don’t expect him to.

Don’t Order Too Much, He Might Think You’re There For The Free Food
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There’s nothing wrong with being a big eater, but for the sake of acceptable first date behavior, don’t order half the menu.

Nip To The Loo When He Asks For The Bill
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The moment he asks for the bill, say you’re “popping to the loo”. So he doesn’t cotton on to your plan maybe add a casual “don’t pay, I’ll be two secs”. If he has any common sense, he’ll pay before you’re back and avoid the boring and very fake paying argument.

When The Bill Comes, Get Your Purse Out, Like You’re Intending To Pay Half
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If you’re there when the bill arrives, as he reaches for his back pocket, reach for your bag, if he doesn’t say anything to stop you, pull out your purse. Still nothing out of his mouth? You better ask “how much” and pose you’re fingers to look like they’re about to pull out a twenty.

If He Looks At The Bill & Goes “How Much?!” You’re Paying For Your Half My Friend.
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If he makes a comment about how expensive the bill is, that pretty much means “sod this, I ain’t spending this much for two plates of chicken”. Whether you like it or not, you’re paying your half.

If You Offer To Pay / Go Halves & He Accepts, DO NOT React Like This:
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If he accepts the money you’re waving in his face, don’t seem shocked. Whilst chivalry dictates that men should pay on the first couple of dates, there’s no rule to say he has to pay for your half of the meal. It is the 21st century and all that.

Pay Graciously, Go Home & Analyse His Cheapness With Your Friends.
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Smile like you pay on first dates all the time. Thank him graciously for a good time, go home and then let your fake smile drop.

And If He Does Pay, Always Remember To Show Your Appreciation.
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Of course if he does pay, just remember, he didn’t have to, so you should probably show your gratitude in one way or another. Whether you choose to do so by letting him get to first base in the car journey home, or simply by sending him a thank you text after he’s dropped you back, well that parts up to you.

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And remember ladies, if you go on a first date with a man who chooses to let you pay, don’t hold it against him too much. We were the ones who wanted this feminism malarkey to take off.

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