Halloween Highlights 2017

Halloween Highlights 2017

This year we embarked on 14 Halloween events that we’re all still recovering from. From the Twisted Circus event to our Overdough Hip Hip Halloween Special pizza party, we had an event that fits all, so what was your excuse?
Did you jump down the rabbit hole in trapped in Wonderland at Café De Paris? Seen ghosts, goblins, witches and devils at 28 West? Raised the spirits at 93 Feet East? Floated on The River with our SOLD OUT boat party?  Did you come out alive?
5 days, 14 events, 1 city = The London Invasion

If you wasn’t involved in The London Invasion, did you even celebrate halloween?

23155205_10156058601532018_7665759800130058197_oTwisted Circus Halloween Festival – Friday 27th October

The festival everyone was talking about, now the festival they will always remember! Twisted Circus Halloween Festival landed at our biggest location to date, The O2 and of course it was a night to remember! We all know that IT was made for this year and what better way to kick of the season than to party with them? Not to mention the amazing performances from Sword Swallowing to Blade Regurgitation, with world-renowned DJ’s, gruesome acts and fake blood no less, the night lived up to its name and delivered yet again.

Fright NightFright Night at Shaka Zulu – Friday 27th October 2017

Did you dare to join us at our weekly event at Shaka Zulu, as we showed the dark and twisted side? Taking you down the terrifying and twisted alleys to the heart of Stables Market, Camden. In true Shaka Zulu style your expectations have been met with show stopping décor and acts of ultimate surprises. With live Halloween acts, your deepest fantasies have been realised.

Black MagicBlack Magic at Shaka Zula – Saturday 28th October 2017

Returned for the second night at undoubtedly London’s best venue, Shaka Zulu!? Trading the glamour for sheer terror, their traditional Tribal acts had been casting spells and raising spirits all through the night. Fancy dress was required, what did you go as?
Still shaken by the costume efforts, do I dare to think if these monsters are real?

Day of DeaDay of Dead at 93 Feet East – Saturday 28th October 2017

You’re not celebrating Halloween right if you’re not raising the spirits on the Day of the Dead! This Halloween extravaganza was full with skull face painters, dancers, costumes, confetti and plenty of colourful costumes as Halloween meets Day of the Dead.

TurntTurnT Shoreditch – Saturday 28th October 2017

The annual Purge has passed. Were you out to kill or did you join us in hiding in East London?
Each event as scary, terrifying and spooky as each other, every event has been bespoke, attending to everyone’s freaky, gruesome and frightful needs.

Midnight by The ThamesMidnight by The Thames at 28 West – Saturday 28th October 2017

When sexy met scary! Partying by the Thames certainly gave some extra bumps to the night. 28 West had been completely transformed into a cauldron of doom and despair, with hundreds of you dressed to represent things from the other side.

23120300_10156056121312018_2999672247903983890_oTRNDS @ Gilgamesh – Saturday 28th October

Did you survive the zombie apocalypse at our ‘Walking Dead’ special as you ventured through the Stables Market to Gilgamesh? This was clearly not one for the faint hearted, now you’ve crossed over to the side of the un-dead, there’s no going back!

Pandora's BoxPandora’s Box at Fu Manchu – Saturday 28th October 2017

The most talked about fancy dress party in Clapham, the best sound system around and FREE pizza after 1.30am! This was the event not to miss, but it’s not always a treat on Halloween. Were you brave enough to enter Pandora’s Box!? “The last thing that came out of the box was hope and well… that flew away.”
In between these terrifying Halloween spectaculars, we also had some for the foodies out there. With Overdough Hip Hop Halloween on Saturday 28th October; bottomless cocktails, unlimited pizza and surprises all round; a haunted boozy Pirate of the Reggae Brunch on Sunday 29th October; a day of madness and the ultimate The Red Wedding on Tuesday 31st October; they were experiences we won’t forget. You were spoilt for choice.

23004843_10156058519212018_4719198573687888365_oNoel’s Haunted House – Saturday 28th October

Noel’s Haunted House Party was definitely not for the faint hearted as they executed their promises to terrify and excite, as they infested the venue with supernatural beings. Ghosts and ghouls aside, it wouldn’t be a Noel’s House party without playing beer pong.

23116821_10156064706452018_3276474890407845912_oTrapped in Wonderland – Tuesday 31st October

Jump down or fell down the rabbit hole? Trapped in Wonderland at Café De Paris, Mad Hatter himself and his minions have invited you to their tea party. The only problem is Alice is not who you know her as! The cats and bunnies were not as cute, the tea party is covered in blood and Mad Hatter is madder than ever and with Alice roaming around, you can only imagine what had happened…

23120297_10156067607387018_7643149459328799866_oTunT Boat Party – Tuesday 31st October

Last but definitely not the least, ending Halloween with a BANG! This year ultimate SOLD OUT Halloween boat party took place on the Dutch Master, a three-floored vessel. The boat had clearly been kitted out in true terrifying Halloween style with live acts and good vibes, as it sailed the River Thames offering clear views of London’s iconic landmarks.

If this wasn’t enough to prove to you why The London Invasion is the way to go every Halloween, then I don’t know what is!

Halloween may be over, but the parties don’t stop here.
Stay updated with our upcoming NYE events and our weekly events, every Friday and Saturday’s.

All photos from Halloween can be found on ‘xclusivetouch’ Facebook page.