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How I met your mother barney stinson the naked man

How I Met Your Mother: Our 7 Top Moments Of All Time

The How I Met Your Mother season finale is here and since we’re not ready to move on or even begging contemplating what life will be like without it, we’ve decided to have a look back at some of the most legend-waitforit-ary How I Met Your Mother moments of all time:

1. The Pineapple Incident
Season One How I Met Your Mother Ted Pineapple GIF

This story starts, as all great stories do with 5 shots of ‘Red Dragon’ and ends with Ted blacking out only to wake up with a strange girl in his bed, a pineapple on his nightstand and a sprained ankle.

The team all recount their versions of the night which explain what happened to Ted over the duration of his drunken night. No one manages to recount where the hell the pineapple came from.

2. The Slap Bet
how i met your mother slap bet gif

Slap Bet How I met your mother marshall gif

The slap bet starts way back when Ted tried to uncover a secret about Robin. Barney and Marshall place a slap bet on the outcome and naturally Lilly is slap distribution commissioner.

On Barney losing the bet, Lily gives Marshall the right to slap Barney either ten times immediately or five times available to Marshall for all of eternity. The choice is Barney’s and naturally he makes the wrong one. Providing us with 5 unexpected slaps throughout the series.

3. Robin Sparkles
Robin Sparkles How I Met Your Mother Best Moments GIF

Season two. The introduction of Robin Sparkles.

After the team discover that Robin has a huge secret, (Marshall thinks she is married, and Barney thinks she was a porn star) the truth comes out and it is much much more shocking than any of us could have imagined. Robin Scherbatsky is a Canadian Pop Star.

4. The Naked ManHow I met your mother barney stinson the naked man

ted-mosbey-the-naked-man  barney-the-naked-man  barney-the-naked-man-the-superman
How I met your mother the naked man barney  How I met your mother the coppertone baby gif naked man  the captain morgan the naked man ted mosbey

I feel like this episode needs no introduction or explanation. For those who don’t know what I mean, I’ll give you a quick break down: Barney is convinced that The Naked Man works and believes it will revolutionize the one-night stand.

Lily, Barney, and Ted all attempt the same move to see if it really works.

5. Swarlos
Barney How I Met Your Mother Swarley GIF

Chloe the coffee girl writes Barney’s name as “Swarley” on his coffee cup and so naturally for the rest of this episode, Barney gets a new nickname. Episode highlight: the team send a Spanish magazine subscription to his house under the name Swarlos. Ahhhh, How I Met Your Mother hilariousness.

Barney: No more “Swarley!” No “Swarles!” No more “Swar-LAY!” No more “Swar–wait for it–LEE!” No more “Bob Swarleyman!” No more! No! It’s over! Do you understand?

Lily and Robin: Yes.

Barney: Thank you. *walks away with “call me swarley” sign on back*

Call me swarley gif

Ahhhhh. I guess you had to be there.

6. The Proposal
Robin Barney Stinson Proposal How I Met Your Mother GIF

In season eight, Barney makes an elaborate plan to propose to Robin.

After Barney and Robin split up, Robin tries to get Barney back with a number of schemes which included “The Damsel In Distress” which involved her, getting a new printer and asking Barney to bring it to her office for her. When that didn’t work she turns up at Barney’s door in nothing but a trench coat and underwear only to find him on a date with Patrice.

Little does she know Barney had asked Patrice to help him complete the final play in his playbook: The Robin.

7. The Story Of The Yellow Umbrella
Yellow Umbrella How I Met YOur Mother GIF

Farhampton Ted Mother How I Met Rain Train GIF

The yellow umbrella features in no less than 9 episodes throughout the How I Met Your Mother series.

The yellow umbrella is first owned by ‘the mother’, however comes into Ted’s possession after she leave’s it at a party. He later leaves the umbrella in her apartment when dating her room mate. It plays a part in showing us a number of “almost-meets” between Ted and the mother, who have spent their whole lives just an accidental meeting away from each other.


As for how it ends… well we’re not one for spoilers.

Nine awesome series later however, we would like to give the creators of How I Met Your Mother, the highest of fives.