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Ladies: Stop Complaining About Getting Hit On, You’d Probably Feel Ugly If You Didn’t

“Alright darling, do you come here often?”

Let’s cut to the chase. Though plenty of people go clubbing to have a great time with their friends, there’s just as many that are there for one reason: attracting the opposite sex.

The dance floor is a jungle and there’s hoards of males vying for the affection of the most beautiful female.

Though to be fair, it can be tough for a guy out there, especially if he’s not the pick of the pack. That’s why ladies, you have to respect a man brave enough to pluck up the courage to come and talk to you, even if the courage is mustered through severe intoxication.

Okay he’s not the man of your dreams and he’s more David Brent than David Beckham but it’s still good for an ego boost, right?

“Are You A Parking Ticket? Because You’ve Got ‘Fine’ Written All Over You.”
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The chat up line. Someone, somewhere, thought a poorly constructed pun would work wonders when it came to breaking the ice with a member of the opposite sex but it’s a start, right? The chat up line is the man’s acknowledgement that the onus is on him to initiate proceedings.

Do you realise how much courage it takes to approach a girl with a rubbish joke? A lot. Even if it’s not funny, laugh along. You could get a drink out of it which is better than leaving the club early to feed your cats.

If Nothing Else You Might Make The Man Of Your Dreams Jealous By Flirting With This Dude…
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He’s a 3 out of 10, sweats buckets in the smoking area in the middle of January and is asking you on the annual family trip to see Uncle Jack who lives in Lincoln. But potential suitors don’t know that.

The way they see it, they’re on the cusp of losing out on their girl of their dreams and they’ll do anything to rectify that. If a guy see’s another flirting with you, all they’re going to do is want you more. Forbidden fruits and all that, innit.

All Your Friends Are Getting Chatted Up, You Don’t Want To Be The Left One Out…
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He’s slurring his words by this stage and you’ve started wondering whether you’ve recorded Made in Chelsea on Sky+ or not. Nothing could be worse than this. Or so it seems, because the friends that should be saving you from this slippery customer after promising you a ‘girls night out’ are now off getting with guys.

It’s either standing alone in the corner or talking to this guy. Who knows, he could be really, really, really nice. Or rich.

You Can Never Get Too Many Compliments…

Okay so it’s clear by now that he’s certainly not the one. He won’t be meeting your parents, he won’t be lavishing you with presents on Valentine’s day and he won’t be paying half the rent. But Cupid loves a trier and he’s shown great guts to approach you.

Most importantly, he’s approached you because he thinks you’re fit. Can that ever be a bad thing? No, it can’t, so take the double vodka & coke with a dash of compliment and be happy with it.

Plus… You’re Broke And He’ll Probably Buy You A Drink
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Have you seen the price of drinks these days? Getting chatted up is cost-effective, especially if he’s as loose with his change as he is his tongue. Get a drink out of him, down it and he’ll probably start seeming a bit fitter than he did 20 minutes beforehand. Win-Win.