Luxury Food, 6 Piece Band & Cirque Du soleil experience only at The Greatest Supper
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Luxury Food, 6 Piece Band & Cirque Du soleil experience only at The Greatest Supper

Saturday Nights will never be the same again with luxury dining soundtracked by our amazing Circus performers & 6 Piece Band inspired by The Greatest Showman expect stunning performances and more at The Greatest Supper

The Greatest Supper London events

Eating out, enjoying Live Circus performance, piece band and having a dance to live music until the early hours. Why not combine it all and make the greatest event to attend Saturday “The Greatest Supper”. 

The Greatest Supper London

Who hasn’t missed getting dressed up to the nines and indulging in a beautiful three-course meal? That’s exactly what’s on offer here, with a vast array of mouth-watering plates ready to hit your tables. 

Upon arrival, guests will be treated to a glass of bubbly to sip before taking a seat and letting the night whisk them away. Accompanying the slap-up three-course meal will be a live band (remember them?)

Just a peek at the sample menu is sure to raise the eyebrows and tingle the taste buds of any food-lover before even taking a mouthful. Lamb Samosas: Spiced lamb samosas, onion, peas, Mrs Ball’s Chutney, Smoked Paprika Grilled Sea Bass: Chill & Tomato pesto, wilted mixed greens, lemon oil or Spatchcock Chicken: Wilted mixed green, red wine jus and dessert Red Plum Creme Brulee: Compote of Roasted red plums, vanilla custard, caramelised sugar. 

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All this excitement kicks off on 22nd May before taking place every Saturday. There are not many Saturday night bonanzas in the capital that’ll combine food and music quite like this.