Lydia Lucy The Voice UK

Lydia Lucy- The Voice UK

Lydia Lucy might not have won The Voice UK but she definitely won our hearts with her amazing vocals. Lydia made her first live performance on reality tv show The X-Factor UK back in 2013. Awkwardly, Lydia wasn’t on the show very long when Nicole Scherzinger gave her the boot on the six-chair-challenge. For poor Lydia Lucy, this was a horrifying moment. I definitely wouldn’t want to be in any of the contestants’ shoes.  Lydia described it as “dangling a carrot in front of someone and then taking it away. It was one of the hardest things emotionally I have ever had to go through.” Not sure I agree with her carrot comment…maybe if it was pizza – I would definitely be holding a grudge.

lydia lucy

However, this experience didn’t stop the Essex girl going after her dream. She might love her heels and lashes but, one things for sure, she loves singing more! This is when she joined The Voice UK and wowed the judges with her blind performance of Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Hudson’s track ‘Trouble’, which was no trouble for Lydia when her performance secured her a place on’s team. From that performance everything just worked out for our Essex girl, giving us another incredible performance with Mr himself. They both wowed the crowd with his latest single ‘Boys & Girls’, usually featuring Pia Mia, but Lydia really did the song justice! Sadly, that performance only landed her in 3rd place of The Voice UK, but who needs to win The Voice UK when you have vowing to “make Lydia Lucy a ‘superstar’”. You’re winning at life when you have on your side.

“I believe in Lydia so much that I put on Twitter that if Lydia wins, I’ll do a free show in London” the Black Eyed Peas star said after it was announced that Lydia was leaving the competition.

Lydia Lucy

Lydia Lucy hasn’t done too bad for herself, with performances local to her hometown at Sheesh and koshbar. Now, the Essex star is taking over one of London’s most iconic clubs, Gilgamesh, giving us a live performance (fingers crossed for a surprise appearance). If there is no sign of Will, it’s still going to be one hell of a night watching Lydia perform live at one of our favourite venues. If I were you, I’d reserve a table now as the guest list is going to be packed!

lydia lucy