MAN vs PIZZA - MySliceFest pizza eating competition

MAN vs PIZZA – MySliceFest pizza eating competition

This Friday, we’re having a pizza eating competition. That’s right, you heard me, a pizza – eating – competition. Man vs Pizza – the ultimate battle.

We’re looking for 8 individuals who think they’ve got what it takes to tackle some of the monster slices that we’ll be serving up at MySliceFest. And when I say monster slices, I really mean it…

MySliceFest MAN vs PIZZA slice

This ultimate challenge will take place at a secret London location on Friday 29th April (this Friday) between 2-5pm. To enter, you must be free on Friday afternoon, over 18, available to attend MySliceFest, London’s largest outdoor pizza festival taking place on Saturday 30th July at Wembley Park, and have a huge appetite for pizza of course.

MAN vs PIZZA eating competition

On Friday, there will be 2 winners, who will both receive 5 free tickets to our festival this summer, where their friends and pizza lovers can watch them battle it out for the ultimate title… MySliceFest – MAN vs PIZZA champion 2016!

This tournament is not for the faint-hearted, on top of the huge XXL slices, there will be chillies… oh so many chillies! You didn’t think you could get away that easily surely?! The contestants will have to take down our ‘Red Hot Spicy’ slices: tomato, mozzarella, Napoli salami, jalapeños and chilli flakes.

MAN vs PIZZA MySliceFest

So if you’re free on Friday 29th April at 2pmemail us now to enter. Include your name, age and favourite pizza topping. If you’re selected as one of our competitors, feel free to bring a friend along to cheer you on.

The whole thing will be filmed by our crew: the lead up, an interview with each contestant and the competition itself, so we want to hear your best fighting talk and tactics – the more ridiculous the better.

To win, you must eat the most slices in 20 minutes… simple. So what are you waiting for, sign up now!