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Men With Tattoos: The Ultimate Turn On?

When it comes to dating, women tell themselves that Prince Charming is out there and he’ll be everything they’ve ever dreamed of. But what if secretly, our ideal prince charming isn’t the Disney-esque pretty boy our parents read to us about… what if he is actually covered head to toe in tattoos?

It’s true! Women seem to absolutely flock to the guys with ink, so I took it upon myself to figure out why.

1. Tattoos are associated with a passion for music. And that’s hot.
Adam Levine Tattoos Music

Well think about it; how many musicians do you see without tattoos these days? Tattoos and music go hand-in-hand because lyrics just look so damn awesome in old-fashioned script font. The majority of guys in bands have at least one sleeve…and do we complain? HELL NO. Because men who play instruments are sexy and so is their ink…even if they are totally aware of it.

2. Tattoos Are a Window Into His Personality
Tattoo personality gif hot man ink

They’re permanent, which means no-one wants a tattoo that means nothing. When we study a guys’ sleeve, we typically get an idea of what he’s all about. It’s a bit like reading someone’s diary but with more koi fish and flowers.

3. It’s an Open Invitation to Touch Himcan i touch it tattoo gif

Women want to touch men just as much as men want to touch us… we just have better self-control (well, most of the time). But some new ink is a great excuse to drop that control and go in for the kill.

‘Oh wow, the shading is really good here!’ *touches arm seductively*…

4. ‘Feminine’ Tattoos show Confidencemen in black will smith make this look good gif

Okay, there seems to be a definite split between men with tattoos. There’s the kind that likes to prove their manliness with football badges, bull-dogs, pin-up women etc. and then there’s the lads that prefer flowers and patterns to make up one larger work of art.

Yes, these tattoos could be seen as a bit ‘fem’ but it’s exactly this that makes them attractive to us – they show a side we can relate to. You know that old saying ‘brave men wear pink’? Well they also wear floral ink.

5. Tattooed Men Often Have BeardsKesha I like your beard gif

Beards are sexy. ‘nuf said.

6. Everyone Loves a Rebel
jennifer aniston so turned on

Your new inked up man-friend is probably not your parents idea of the perfect son-in-law. Of course, having tattoos is no reflection on his morals but the older generation just don’t get it, do they?

Still, there’s something about tattoos that eliminates that ‘clean cut’ vibe and dishes out a rugged, mysterious one instead. All women have had that fantasy about dating a rebel.

7. Tattoos Show A Level of Commitmentcommitment wont last gif

Just because he’s inked doesn’t mean he’ll be pulling out a ring anytime soon.

However, tattoos are kind of a permanent deal so a guy with his fair share of them is at least capable of some level of commitment, which is instantly attractive to the typical female looking for love.

 8. We love a man who wears his emotions on his sleeve… literally.
tattoo heart on sleeve gif

Women love the fact that men show off their sensitive side with their inked bodies. A sleeve incorporates some of his inner emotions, past-experiences, and deepest desires into a beautiful piece of creativity that he wears with pride.

Is there anything about that sentence that doesn’t make our wombs tingle a bit?