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The natural look – Do men really like a bare face?

Ladies – we’ve all heard it before, that most men claim to prefer the “natural look” over the made – up look, but I question how truthful this actually is (probably not that truthful).

With perfectly made up looking celebrity faces such as Kim Kardashian, Cheryl Cole and Nicole Scherzinger (to name a few), often topping the list of polls for being the most desirable/ sexy looking women in the world of showbiz – why would ordinary women like you and me possibly think that the natural look is the way forward?

Kim Kardashian applying make - up Kim kardashian with make - up applied

Cheryl Cole getting her make - up done

Nicole Scherzinger having her make - up done

The general response from the many men I quizzed for an opinion on the matter said: ” I think women look beautiful with or without [make-up]”.

One of my female friends mentioned that her boyfriend “loves me without it, but with it he thinks I’m super hot” (a comment which in itself suggests that make-up on a women will make them look more attractive and appealing to the opposite sex).

The latest social media craze which celebrated women sporting no make-up was the #nomakeupselfie, in which women posted bare-faced pictures of themselves online in honour of a leading Cancer charity which as a result, raised more than £8m in six days – amazing!

MICHELLE HEATON                 IMOGEN THOMASmichelle-heaton-without-makeup-instagram imagen-thomas-no-makeup

Kym Marsh #nomakeupselfie

As honourable (and as brave) as this may have been for many women, there was an instant backlash towards many of the #nomakeupselfie’s in which many men took it upon themselves to express their views on social media, regarding some of the selfies they had seen.

Aside from being rude, many of them took their highly critical eye and opinions one step further by offering some women ‘advice’ with comments such as “FYI, no-one should EVER see you like this – the more make up you put on, the better!”

So why do men still harp on about liking the “natural” look? Well I have a theory.

1. Either they think saying they like “natural women” will make them seem like nicer guys.

2. Or they have no idea what natural actually looks like. For years women have been passing off “minimal makeup” as “no makeup” and so men have no idea just how truly scruffy even the most beautiful women can look with a scrubbed clean face.

Let’s be clear:

No Make Up                            Natural Make Up             Full Make UpJlo Jennifer lopez no make up natural make up full make up

So every woman who wakes up extra early to concealer and BB Cream her face before her boyfriend wakes up, is probably partly to blame for this bare-faced misconception. Men say they like their girlfriend without make up, until she actually starts wandering around with a bare face. Then it’s far too late for him to take it back.

Speaking about make-up, chartered psychologist Dr Joan Harvey of Newcastle says make up “has been used in different cultures by both men and women to appear more beautiful, to appear more fearsome… it’s a form of self-protection and it’s a mask to hide behind, but it’s also a way of providing strength and facing the world. It’s about self-image.”

The point? Whether men really do like a bare face or not is largely irrelevant. She’s wearing it for herself. In order to look and feel her best.