Struggling to find what to wear this summer and where to go?

Nothing to wear and no where to go this summer?

It is a constant battle every night out, choosing what to wear, how to get your hair done. Do you go straight or curly? Heels or stay safe in flats…the struggles are endless!

When going out for a girl’s night out or celebrating your birthday, you always want to look your best. Something that makes you look sexy and beautiful but not tacky without having to spend a crazy amount of money, yes it feels like an impossible dream. To top it off, you don’t even know if it’s going to be raining cats and dogs or need 10 layers to stay warm, the struggle is real living in London and looking good for a night out.


I have put together a few bits and pieces for you guys and where the perfect place to wear your outfits this summer. It’s always nice to help a sister out, if you ever want to return the favour just send Chris Evans or Ryan Gosling my way that would be much appreciated. Okay, let’s not lose focus we can go back to their abs later…This summer even though the weather hasn’t been promising it’s still hot as in really hot, the rain doesn’t help the situation just leaves everything humid. When it comes to choosing what to wear for a rooftop party for instance, where the sun is just shining directly at you, what can you wear? Summer dresses are always a good shout and you can find really cute ones in Topshop and River Island that are really bright and colourful. But living in London, especially the way it’s been going the past 2 weeks, I would say a flowy dress wouldn’t be exactly the perfect outfit. You might get the off chance of a bit of wind and holding your dress down is just annoying you need your hands to hold your cocktails, yes I did say hands everyone gets 2 cocktails at the same time right?clothes

Okay of topic again. So I always like to browse through Missguided as they always have nice clothes without the massive price tag, face it looking good is expensive so you have to search hard to look good cheap. The bohemian look is in right now and not only at festivals. I picked my favourite outfit, which is perfect for a summer rooftop party like ours happening at Egg LDN on the 26th June. Suede brown shorts with tassels down the sides, white off the shoulders top, a big brown hat and matching choker for finish, then you’re golden.


Now that we have the day parties sorted…

we come to the night and the most difficult thing to prepare for. You can pull off casual/stylish in the day but when going out partying you need to pull out all the stops. This is where things can get pricey but I have found a place where you can look as good as a celebrity without spending 1000’s of pounds and I am not talking about shop lifting so put away your balaclava’s ladies. House of CB is a celebrity boutique store and their signature piece, the bodycon dress, is popular the world over with beautiful clients, otherwise known as ‘CB Dolls’. Their style is “inspired by iconic women, killer curves and everything empowering”. House of CB clothes are worn often by the likes of the Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez and Gigi Hadid to name just a few and we all love their style even if we hate them. Yes, you can look good as Kimmy and Gigi (yes I call them by their first name). Their bodycon or even skater dresses are perfect when going out to a nightclub for instance Shaka Zulu for Twisted Circus Saturdays where things are always TWISTED, it’s not just in the name. With the fire-eaters, acrobats hanging from the ceiling and a half naked man walking around sounds like a solid night. I was sold with the guy walking around with his abs out and that is something worth dressing up for.


Okay DISTRACTED AGAIN, now you have a direction of where to buy your clothes and cute outfits to put together you are ready to takeover the summer in style. If you have any fashion secrets share it in the comment section below. It’s always nice when girls stick together, just a huge women squad, unless it’s someone you hate then the b***h can stay in her rags!