Saggy Pants Banned in Florida: Buy A Belt Or Face Jail Time

Saggy Pants Banned in Florida: Buy A Belt Or Face Jail Time

The men of Ocala, Florida will be tightening their belts this year as the city council brought in a new law stating that pants (that’s trousers to you and me) can’t be worn more than two inches below the natural waist line.

This comes as no surprise to the American population as three cities in the states have already brought this law into effect – New Jersey, Louisiana, and Tennessee. So if you’re visiting any of the aforementioned this summer, you better re-think your holiday wardrobe choices and pick up an extra belt from duty free.

Florida Saggy pants banned

This low-hanging pants fashion is by no means a new one, but the council of Ocala, Florida voted unanimously against it, calling for stricter rules on showing your underwear in public. The motion was originally proposed by councilwoman Mary Rich back in 2009, which was rejected.

Residents of Ocala have been said to fear that young black men will be amongst those who suffer most and that this is an unfair ruling, with some residents claiming that ‘it makes no sense whatsoever’ and ‘It’s just another way to lock people up and put them in jail.’

Of course, the law can’t judge people for how they choose to dress in their own homes but will apply to all public streets, parks, recreational grounds, and on public transportation.

justin bieber pants down media

And it looks like the general public won’t be the only people affected by the ruling, as so many celebrities like Justin Bieber and Lil’ Wayne, who set examples with this fashion, will need to buy some new belts for their next trip to Ocala!

Mary Rich, the councilwoman who initially proposed the law said: ‘I just think it’s disgraceful to show your underwear, we try to be a nice, clean city.’

Those found breaking the new law will first receive a warning, with re-offenders set to be fined $500 and potentially face jail time!