Samsum Transparent TV

Samsung Transparent TV

Samsung has partnered up with Intel, to create the first ever see-through interactive TV. Installing organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology, the South Korean company has never been cooler!

The 55-inch TV looks like an optical illusion; it could be on the sets of Mission Impossible. First of its kind, the solar powered TV is complete with Intel’s RealSense track and adapt technology.

ReaSense technology combines human-computer interaction combines 3D cameras with automated stored perceptions. This isn’t the first see through creation from the South Korean company.

Samsung has already released OLED mirror displays that act like a mirror and displays digital information. Possibly one of the coolest new technologies of the century, Samsung has managed to consistently surprise and excite its customers.

With ground-breaking technology (OLED), customer shopping and purchasing experiences can be taken to the next level. Samsung hopes that their product will be gracing changing rooms and living rooms in the next year.