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chris kohrs hot cop in uniform

San Fran Cop Chris Kohrs Is the Newest (And Hottest) Internet Sensation

Chris Kohrs? More like Chris COOOOOOORRRRRRRR(s)!

This San Francisco cop is the latest viral sensation and the perfect antidote to Jeremy Meeksbad boy mugshot.

chris kohrs with fan castro

The 36 year old police officer from the Castro District of San Fran has arrested the hearts of women all over the world with his muscular good looks and bare-torsoed snaps that can now be found plastered all over the net after a fan created a Facebook ‘fan page’.

Here’s the photo that started it all, whilst Kohrs guarded a construction site:

chris kohrs hot cop in uniform

Sources say that Kohrs has been approached by media companies asking him to appear on magazine covers and even grace TV screens with ‘Good Morning America’.

Both heterosexual and homosexual fans alike have been flocking to the streets of Castro to catch a glimpse of the ‘legend’ at work. The local residents and LGBT community of Castro are said to have high hopes that this new ‘hot cop’ hype will improve the image of the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD).┬áIf you ask us, we’d say so far so good.

chris kohrs hot cop san francisco

This Channing Tatum-esque cop makes 21 Jump Street look more appealing than ever, now that we know how possible it is to have a police officer THAT good-looking! It’s safe to say that San Francisco will be getting a few more female arrests over the coming weeks.

His Facebook fan page has surpassed 40,000 likes and counting and it’s not too hard so see why. Hot cop of Castro, we salute you, you and your beautiful face…

chris kohrs braces police hot cop


Hot cop chris kohrs

chris kohrs with dog police