Smart Men Finally Admit They Prefer Dumb Women
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Smart Men Finally Admit They Prefer Dumb Women

Ever wonder why some women, despite being seemingly smart, sexy and well-educated find it near impossible to find, attract and keep a man?

Well one woman took it upon herself to find out where the hell they’re going wrong and it seems the answer to the time old dating conundrum is that, intelligence is not hot.

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Jennifer Wright from interviewed seemingly smart men to find the answer to the time old question: do men prefer dumb girls and if so… why.

Well we read her findings, and here’s what we found:

Smart Men Love A Woman Who Has Time To Clean
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Men want women who have more flexible schedules and can prioritize… well, them. They want women who have time to clean (and cook) and can generally revolve their lives around his schedule.

Basically, smart women tend to be more career focused which means they don’t have as much time to “accommodate” each and every one of their mans needs.

Smart Men Think Dumb Girls Are More Vulnerable (Which Is Hot)
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According to one gentleman, beneath these “ditsy vodka-and-cranberry drinking dame is an underlying vulnerability” which we can only suppose is a turn on for him. And as if that wasn’t offensive enough, another young man added: “If the women we date are dumb, then we have the upper hand in the relationship”.

Which means what? Men are turned on by weak and dainty women? And if we expect to bag ourselves a man we had better start pretending we can’t open our own ketchup bottles and need every film we watch together explaining to us?

Smart Men Think That “Dumb Chicks” Try Harder
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One gent who was interviewed (John Carney) did find it important to remind us that “dumb chicks” (his words not mine) try harder to find a smart mate, in order to economically advance themselves. Whilst smart women are too busy trying to educate themselves and work their way up the career ladder.

I can only assume what he means, is that women who don’t have their own steady income are more likely to throw themselves at the first successful man they come across in order to secure themselves that lavish 5 bedroom house with the walk in wardrobe they’d always imagined.

And men like that.

Whereas career women, who may be able to buy themselves the house are deemed less attractive, purely because they’re less needy.

Smart Men Like Women Who Agree With Them
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And i quote “if the women we date are dumb, then we have the upper hand in the relationship”.

What he didn’t add, but I’m sure was implied is that dumb women are also easier to fool, which is always handy when you’re a bit of a douche.

Smart Men Think Dumb Girls Are Pretty
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Another one added: “I’ve dated some dumb girls and it’s just because they were hot. That was it. Maybe dumb girls spend more time on their physical appearance”.

Basically implying that if you work 5 days a week, the chances are you don’t have time to also be waxed, shaved and plucked to perfection.

“Every guy wants the hot waitress because every other guy is going for the waitress”. Meaning what? That the only thing that really matters when it comes to dating, is that your chick is hotter than that other guys chick?

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But wait. Before you all rush to hide your CV’s, delete your impressive LinkedIn profile’s and try and convince the guy you like that, you don’t suffer from an off-putting case of “the smarts” there is a glimmer of hope.

His name is Matt Langer (also known as the only sane man who took part in this survey) and he would like to remind us that some men, namely him, “consider editors in chief of online women’s magazines to be far sexier than cocktail waitresses”. Phew.

Because let’s be honest no truly smart woman was ever going to dumb herself down for a man. And none of us are ready to make any till-death-do-us-part promises to any sort of battery operated devices either.

As for the rest of the men in the survey, well we think that for so called “smart men” they were saying some pretty stupid things. Because although intelligent women might be hard work in some respects, they also come with a whole lot of perks. They buy their own cars, they can hold a conversation with your mum and when their looks fade, you’re left with someone who actually understands your jokes… and believe me, one day that will matter.