The 7 Types Of People You Can't Avoid At A House Party

The 7 Types Of People You Just Can’t Avoid At A House Party

There ain’t no party like a House Partaaaay! We’re about to touchdown this Saturday at SiNK Shoreditch for the launch of Noel’s House Party. And of course, with a house party comes an array of interesting individuals you will almost always encounter and we’ve listed them for you.

1. The woman on a mission

She must weigh up her options and be strategic about her positioning. When all else fails, stumble into as many boys as possible until one takes the bait or is too intoxicated to realise what is happening. You have to admire the determination.

2. The House Party Photobomber

We all know that guy who is still stuck in his secondary school humour and photobombs sweet images of a couple’s PDA. It’s all good, we class him as a hero.

3. The Break-Up Couple

Accusations fly across the room as well as drinks in the face. Insecurities + Alcohol = Disaster. Steer clear of raging couples and take cover.

4. The Couple Eating Each Other’s Faces

Enough said. Get a room.

5. The ‘Peaked Too Soon’ Party-Goer

That girl who arrived an hour early, got a bit too wavey during pres. Now all the action is happening, and she has her head buried in a toilet. We’ve all been there.

6. The Loner

When you’re left evaluating your life choices after your friends have all pulled and you can’t afford to get an uber home alone.

7. Instagram Image Queens

There is ALWAYS that group whose priority is their pictures for Instagram the morning after than actually having a good time.

And after being equipped with all this knowledge and crucial information, we’re still taking the plunge and ready to pull off the the biggest house party you’ll ever experience.

After the success of our last event in the TAKEOVER series which took place at SiNK on NYE, we couldn’t think of a better venue with more unique features. With its design, music and the classic American red cups we couldn’t say no to the ‘newest revolution in night time entertainment this side of the Atlantic.’ SiNK have brought what is a permanent fixture in college dorms across the USA to the UK and found a new home in one of the quirkiest areas in London, Shoreditch and we’ve decided to mix an American tradition with a British one. SiNK is the place to experience this and the concept is so simple: You SiNK it, they drink it!



Our BRAND NEW residency is really something special and with our House Party designed to be spontaneous and exciting, we guarantee you’ll never face a dull moment at this event. SiNK is not only the hottest club but also the largest club in the Shoreditch area right now with a unique twist. Not only are you able to have a great venue with great music but it’s what is inside which sets it apart from any other club. Inside this uber-cool hangout, you’ll find beer and ping-pong tables as well as multiple floors with spectacular UV murals and our Xclusivetouch resident DJ, DJ Sai bringing you the best R&B, Hip Hop, House and Old Skool tunes.

As always in traditional Xclusivetouch fashion, we love to add an extra touch for our party-goers. No night out is complete within a late night snack! We’ll be giving away FREE PIZZA every week at 1.45am so satisfy those cravings.

Join us for the ultimate experience, only at SiNK and watch out for those