The Great Debate. Trainers Vs Loafers in the club

The Great Debate…Trainers Vs Loafers In The Club

Shoes, glorious shoes. This will forever be the great debate across the nightlife scene and I’m sure a large majority of you are still none the wiser about why this issue has occurred or if it will ever be resolved in the future. We at xclusivetouch are here to explain the ultimate unanswered question…Why can’t you wear trainers in clubs?!

For those of you who weren’t aware of this issue, for argument sake, we’ll say you’ve been living under a rock or you’re female in which case this will probably not apply to you. This is often considered the main problem for guys on a night out and it can be really frustrating, especially when you’ve got Becky with the good hair rocking up in her boots with the fur and Jessica with her cowboy boots that were made for walking (all over you), but why are clubs so particular when it comes to men’s footwear?

Women in the club 

Before we go any further, there is a perfectly good explanation for why all of this has occurred and no it has absolutely nothing to do with sexism. 90% of the time, women wear heels for a night out especially in Central London as most of the clubs in this area are designed to look high end and elite. We females suffer through wearing heels not only to look good and match our outfits but also to fit in with the style/image of the club which is completely dependent on its location. Females wear heels for this exact reason, it is socially acceptable because trust me, it’s not because they’re comfortable! (By the end of the night, your feet hurt like hell). 

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But why…

Trainers are comfortable, affordable and they look good! A triple threat if you ask us. Trainers are not the casual K-Swiss we used to know and love but clubs must consider all trainers to look cheap and scruffy and not suitable for the image of their club; would men still get turned away if they rocked up in Balenciaga trainers? Hmmm, think about that one. The style and designs of trainers have evolved so much it’s becoming more difficult to class them as trainers and not just simply shoes, but we won’t get into that. Trainers don’t cause as much damage as dress shoes because of the soft soles.Trainers are way more comfortable allowing you to have a more enjoyable night and experience at the club in which case you’re more likely to go back. So suck on that!

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On the other hand…

Trainers have always been/still, are viewed as casual footwear which is often associated with sports and casual settings and tend not to fit in with the image the club has created for itself which is usually high end. Trainers are made for sport! It’s not like we’re going to see you running on a treadmill with loafers anytime soon so why should it be acceptable for trainers in a club? Let’s not confuse the two hmmmmmm…And FYI because of the rigid soles of trainers, they tend to carry more dirt into the club which can potentially cause hazards and ruin the floor, clearly just thinking of your safety here. Oh, snap. 

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The odd club in London will allow trainers, but why take the risk, just wear smart shoes! You don’t want your choice of footwear to ruin what could’ve been a great night. And there you have it…well I didn’t say we’d answer it, but we definitely explained it. 

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