The Ultimate Female Sex Guide Is Here: The Lesbian Kama Sutra
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The Ultimate Female Sex Guide Is Here: The Lesbian Kama Sutra

Ever wondered how females in a same-sex relationship get their kicks in the bedroom? Or maybe you’re a woman trying to figure out how to pleasure your female partner – either way your problems are solved because Cosmopolitan Magazine have just released their first ever Kama Sutra like lesbian sex position guide… and it’s about time too!

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The new sex guide entitled ’28 mind-blowing Lesbian Sex Positions’ features colourful illustrations, demonstrating the best ways for women to pleasure each other and is the first of its kind to be released by Cosmopolitan… it only took them 50 years to acknowledge the female same-sex relationship!

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Each illustrated position also comes with how-to instructions and a difficulty rating so whether you’re a novice or a pro, you can use this guide to your advantage. For something a little easier, try out ‘The Sultry Spoon’ or ‘The Espresso’. For the really brave and adventurous, ‘The Rockin’ Rockette’ or ‘The Strap-on Sizzle’ should get your blood pumping!

Cosmopolitan magazine has been associated with sex for years but never before has it taken such a swerve from its usual heterosexual angles. This refreshing peek into the lesbian sex-life is both educating and entertaining (for all sexualities) and will certainly be gaining a lot of positive attention from the LGBT community.

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The magazine has recently been taking bigger strides towards the sexual liberation of women, teaching them not to feel guilt for enjoying sex and wanting to explore a little; so it comes as no surprise that a lesbian sex guide was next on the Cosmopolitan agenda.

Rowan Pelling, former editor of The Erotic Review said: ‘It demonstrates far greater acceptance of same sex relationships and of experimentation by women who feel their sexuality is fluid. And it must come as a huge relief to all the Cosmo writers who have exhausted every single thing you can possibly say about blow-jobs and the reverse cowboy.’

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In summary, the female sex guide world is now complete.